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When you move from one location to another, you have a long list of items to check off. It’s easy to forget about important tasks that aren’t an immediate concern. Changing the address with a number of private and public institutions is one of these important tasks. Most homeowners change their addresses with organisations that are an immediate concern like the RMS, but they forget there are several other entities they need to inform before they move.

The organisations

At Infinite Removals, we encourage our clients to create a change of address checklist of organisations and inform them of the move several weeks in advance. That will help avoid problems down the line and ensure these organisations or professionals are able to easily reach you at your new address whenever needed.  Here’s a list of organisations you would have to contact and inform about your change of address:

  • Australia Post Australian to ensure you get your mail at the right address.
  • Electoral Commission so you can vote in your new location.
  • Australian Taxation Office to ensure you get all your tax-related communication at the right address.
  • Concession cards to ensure you continue to get the support and aid needed from relevant programs.
  • Driver Licence (RMS) to drive your car legally in your new location.
  • Library Human Services
  • Centrelink to ensure you can make payments and get government benefits you’re entitled to.
  • Medicare to remain on the program and get financial assistance in your new location.
  • Local council
  • Card School
  • TAFE
  • Childcare
  • Accountant, so they can forward all your financial documentation to your new location.
  • After school care to ensure they know where your child’s new home is.
  • Banks and credit card companies – to send all your financial communication to your new address.
  • Charities Clubs so they can send mails, newsletters, and invitations.
  • Dentist, as they need to know where to forward your dental records and treatment information.
  • Doctor, so they know where to forward your medical records.
  • Electricity, gas, and other utilities.
  • Employers- for forwarding work-related documents or personal items.
  • Family and friends, so they know where they can send mail, invitations, and other such communication.
  • Insurance companies

Most of these organisations will have mentioned the change of address procedure on their website. If you don’t find all the information you need there, you can always call or visit then and source the information you need. It’s a good idea to inform all government, financial, as well as educational institutions a few weeks in advance to avoid problems. You can inform your friends, family, etc. after you’ve completed the entire move and have some free time on your hands.

If you want to know more anything about removals, our services and how to change addresses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Infinite Removals. You can give us a call at 1800 940 493